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Rust Prevention Services / Safety Facts

Corrosion Control & Rust Proofing in Roosevelt & Vernal, UT

Rust caused by salt and moisture in the air will slowly eat away at the metal in your car or truck. This often starts before any visible signs appear. At A NuView Auto Glass we can prevent rust and control corrosion with our rust prevention services. We'll cover your vehicle's underbody and inner panels with a special coating that will seal out all of the harmful, rust-causing elements. Stop rust before it starts and act now!
A NuView Auto Glass' rust proofing process is perfect for protecting new, used, and commercial vehicles of all types. Call now to make an appointment at our shop in Vernal, Utah!

Auto Glass Safety

It's very easy to take the glass in your car or truck for granted even though it's something that almost completely surrounds us whenever we enter a vehicle. At A NuView Auto Glass we believe that everyone who regularly operates a vehicle in Utah and Colorado should educate themselves on the vital role their car's windshield and auto glass plays when it comes to keeping those inside safe.

Windshield Safety Facts

Your windshield gives much needed structural support to the vehicle's roof. All forms of cracks, chips, and other damage in your windshield can compromise the structural integrity of your vehicle, which could result in the roof collapsing in the event of a rollover.

The safest place to be during an automobile crash is inside the vehicle. Your windshield is designed to keep the driver and passengers inside during crashes and collisions in order to keep them as safe as possible.

Improperly installed windshields have been known to simply pop out of their frame during collisions, and the potential consequences of such an event could be disastrous. These improper installations could easily be avoided by going to certified auto glass professionals like those at A NuView Auto Glass. We promise a perfect fit every time because your safety is our main concern.

Your Auto Glass - Keeping You Safe

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